Bloch Luelle Seamless Bra (Z3127)

The Bloch Luelle seamless bra is double layered and comes with changeable clear and nylon straps.

Reviews for Bloch Luelle Seamless Bra

Rating: 3 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

  • - Mon Nov 18 2013
    While wearing this gives you a little more support than you would have without it it doesn t give you much support and the plastic while it is useful for the seamless effect is not very comfortable especially when you dance and sweat it irritates the skin. I bought it to wear under leotards but in the end it s more comfortable to go without.



Currently out of stock.

We expect it back in by Feb 2017.

Material: 90% Softel Nylon, 10% Spandex.

Bloch Womans Garment Size Chart

Chest30 to 3276 to 8132 to 3481 to 8634 to 3686 to 9136 to 3891 to 97
Waist22 to 2456 to 6124 to 2661 to 6626 to 2866 to 7128 to 3071 to 76
Hip33 to 3584 to 8935 to 3789 to 9437 to 3994 to 9939 to 4199 to 104
Girth55 to 57140 to 14557 to 59145 to 15059 to 61150 to 15561 to 63155 to 160

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