How To Modify TMT Pointe Shoes

TMT paste, or Thermo-Morph Technology Paste is a heat activated paste which can be moulded to the shape of the foot by the use of direct hot air from a hair dryer.

How to modify your TMT (thermo morph technology) pointe shoes toe box.

  1. Hold a hair dryer four inches from the demi-pointe area of the out-sole. Apply heat for ten seconds.
  2. Heat each side for twenty seconds. Heat the vamp (top of the shoe, not platform) for twenty seconds. Heat the demi pointe area of the outsole for twenty seconds. Keep the hair dryer at least four inches from the satin to avoid marks.
  3. While the shoe is still warm but not too hot, put the shoe on. Massage the toe area, moulding the shoe to the contours of your foot.
  4. Gripping the heel of the shoe, work through demi-pointe three times.
  5. Stand flat in the shoe and massage the toe area again.
  6. Do three tondues.
  7. Leave the shoe in the refigerator for five minutes to set.

How to modify your TMT shank.

  • Fold back the heel and put the shoe on to identify the 3/4 point of the arch area. Mark this point on the insole and then the corresponding point on the outsole.
    1. Heat just above the mark on the outsole for twenty seconds.
    2. Then heat just above the 3/4 mark on the insole for twenty seconds then repeat step 1 above.
  • Firmly place your thumb on the 3/4 mark on the outsole and bend the heel of the shoe down just above the 3/4 mark. Ensure that you do not over bend or bend below the 3/4 mark.
  • Leave shoe in the  fridge for five minutes to set.


Info supplied by Bloch Europe - for guidance only.

Must be done with adult supervision. Dancewear365 is not responsible for any damage done to product or person by following this guidance.

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