How to fit Teletone® Taps

Capezio Teletone Tap Heel

Teletone® Taps are widely regarded as the best sounding taps in the world. Although many companies manufacture top quality tap shoes, Teletone are the Capezio™ registered trade mark for their taps used around the world.

We recomend that you take your tap shoes and teletones to a professional cobbler but always ask if they have fitted them before. If this is not possible you can fit them yourself.Capezio Teletone Tap Heel

there are 3 types of taps. Teletone, Duotone and Supertone. Always fit the taps with screws not nails (these should be supplied with your NEW Teletones along with a sound plate). The taps should be secured firmly so that the screw heads are flush with the tap so they will not damage the dance floor.

  1. Take your tap shoe and turn it over so the soles of the shoes are facing upwards.
  2. Put the toe tap in place and follow the contour of the tap shoe and align the tap around the edge of the shoe toe or heel. Make a small mark where the screws will be placed.
  3. Once you have marked where the screws will need to go, take the tap and sound plate and position the tap where the screws are to go.
  4. Now screw in the 3 screws making sure the outside of the tap follows the contour of the shoes heel or toe. some teletones will not perfectly follow the contour of the tap shoes which in this case a cobbler will grind the tap overhang for a flush finish.
  5. You can now try out your teletone tap for sound. tighten and loosen the taps to get the prefered sound you want, different dancers or dance teachers require a different sound which is one of the advantages of teletone taps.
  • It is not recommended that you use a too small heel tap on your tap shoes as this may make you turn over on your heel.
  • Always make sure that your heel tap follows the contours of your heel on your tap shoe.
  • If in doubt, buy a heel tap that is slightly larger and have your cobbler grind it down to size.

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