JT Dance

Cinnamon Brow, Padgate, Orford, Warrington
United Kingdom

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JT Dance is very friendly giving children confidence and motivation to enjoy their classes. Classes are limited to a maximum pupil number to give students a safe environment in which to learn, and to ensure every pupil achieves to the best of their ability. Whether your child looking to get more exercise, learn a new art, or meet new friends, they are sure to find fun in our classes.
The school is run by Jenna Tamblin who is registered to teach the R.A.D Classical ballet syllabus, and the I.S.T.D Ballet, Tap, Modern theatre, Classical Greek and National Folk Dance syllabi. Classes are held in the Cinnamon Brow, Orford and Padgate areas of Warrington. All children aged 2 1/2 + are welcome.
Pre School Ballet.
Using ballet technique to create a strong and structured foundation for any child who loves moving or music. The lessons develop skills in:
Co-ordination, Balance and Control.
Creativity and imagery.
Spatial awareness.
Working with others in partners or groups Musicality.
Using the R.A.D sylabus for classical ballet, children gain Co-ordination, musicality, strength, balance and much more from these structured lessons.
Pupils may take exams with the RAD if they wish, although there is no pressure. Pupils wishing to attend classes just for fun are very welcome!
Tap / Adult Tap
For anybody who has rhythm, or wants to find it. Use your feet as a musical instument!
Children's classes follow the ISTD sylabi.
Adults can enjoy a fun and friendly beginners class. Come meet some new friends, and get fit too!
Modern Theatre.
The foundation of pop style dance, using different styles such as lyrical, and jazz. This is a structured class following the ISTD sylabi. Each class includes:
Warm up
Core stability and Limbering exercises
Isolations (the foundation of "popping")
Rhythm section
Combined movements
Classical Greek.
Great for the imagination and evolved from the ancient Greeks who used dance as athletic training, as a visual art, and even to worship their Gods!
Classical Greek dance is relatively unknown in this country. It compliments other forms of dance. Take it from my personal experience - Benefits include amazing strong feet and a lovely sense of artistry.
The istd say "It is undoubtedly one of the best methods of teaching stage movement and dramatic expression in dance form".
National. (Folk).
Learn folk dances from all over Europe. This is great for working in partners. Through this dance style we have the opportunity to study:
traditional dances. costumes, music, dance customs.